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Attention independent primary care providers, rural clinics, skilled nursing facilities, Value-Based Care, and Accountable Care Organizations!! Now you can access virtual cardiology care anytime, anywhere for your complex cardiac patients!

Virtual Cardiovascular Specialists

Primary care providers (PCPs) manage the vast majority of chronic cardiovascular conditions that contribute to a significant share of health care expenditure. Keeping these costs under control is a very important goal for health care organizations especially those following a Value Based Care model. Timely inputs and recommendations from a cardiologist can result in better patient outcomes as well as potential cost-savings.


Cardiovascular studies such as echocardiograms, vascular studies, cardiac monitors and stress tests can be done at the primary care offices resulting in cost savings and potentially additional revenue for PCPs.

Cardiovascular Web Diagnostics aims to help improve cardiac outcomes of patients while keeping health care costs in check by reducing hospitalizations and Emergency Department visits. The ability to provide in-house care to patients without having to refer patients to outside specialists help streamline patient care and also enhance patient satisfaction.



How it works: Step 1

We provide templates for the most common cardiac referral indications to primary care providers that can be completed by a nurse in the clinic after the decision is made to request e-consult.

Alternatively, the physician or nurse practitioner evaluating the patient can include the information requested in the template in their visit note or can use the template as a checklist to make sure all pertinent information regarding the patient’s symptoms is included in the note for the cardiologist to review.

How it works: Step 2

The cardiologist then reviews the information provided and makes appropriate recommendations, which can be used by the primary care provider to optimize the guideline determined medical management of their cardiac patients.


Simple Process!!

Templates for cardiac referral indications provided to primary care providers
Cardiologist reviews provided information. Cardiologist makes appropriate recommendations
Recommendations used by primary care provider for optimizing medical management of cardiac patients



Cardiovascular Web Diagnostics

“A digital platform designed to provide timely non-emergent inter-professional cardiology e-Consults and virtual cardiac care to Primary Care and Value Based Care organizations.”

Cardiovascular Web Diagnostics